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Management Advisory

As a business owner, you frequently face challenges that require timely decisive action. When presented with a host of options, at times it can be difficult to identify the best solution.  As your trusted advisors, the professionals at Schuman Simon and Grodecki are here to be your guides.  Though the final decision is always yours, we can lead you through the scenarios you face and assist you in identifying the potential results and consequences of each course of action. If you have questions about business strategies, financing, risk mitigation, or another matter of importance we are here to provide insight from years of experience helping business owners achieve their goals.

Financial Strategies
Should you purchase that older building for renovation or redevelopment? Should your company close an old plant and build a new one? Are you considering acquiring a similar business in the next county? Drawing on our extensive knowledge of your industry and our broad range of business skills, we can help you find the right answers to these and countless other critical questions. Our financial analyses consider cash flow, forecasts and projections, economic situations, and long- and short-term goals to help you devise the most effective strategies for your business.
Budgeting Support
A carefully prepared budget is your company's financial plan – and your most important management tool. Created with the help of a skilled CPA, a budget can support long-range or strategic planning; facilitate the development of reliable projections and forecasts; predict periods of cash surplus or shortfall; and guide your management team in the most appropriate use of manpower, material and other resources. We're experts in helping your company develop capital budgets for expenditures that require special financing; operating budgets designed to plan and control routine operations; and cash budgets that direct cash receipts and disbursements. Because of our depth of experience and our detailed grasp of tax and other financial matters, we are uniquely equipped to assist you with budget preparation and monitoring throughout the year.
Litigation Support
As our society grows more litigious – cases grow more complex, and this complexity is often focused on financial and accounting matters.Whether a legal claim involves insurance, contract disputes, valuations, or business interruption, complex litigation often requires the skill and experience only a knowledgeable team of CPAs can provide. The members of our team have extensive experience in working with law firms. They know the needs of lawyers, understand business, and use their knowledge to provide you with the kind of litigation support that wins cases. We assist you by advising your attorneys on all matters relevant to the financial aspects of your case. Though each case is different, our experienced professionals can:


  • Establish and identify financial issues and facts
  • Obtain important and necessary financial information
  • Determine financial consequences of claims, losses and settlements
  • Participate in settlement negotiations
  • Serve as expert witnesses
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