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"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”

- Albert Einstein

"87% of Business Decision Makers respect

CPAs as valuable assets to their organizations.”

- Fact

"52% of Business Decision Makers rank CPAs as their most TRUSTED advisor, the highest of all finance professionals.”

- Fact

  • Preparing your own taxes is time-consuming, stressful, and confusing?


  • The peace of mind that tax returns are accurate.


  • Complex tax situations need specialized advice.


  • Want to pay less tax and need detailed planning & advice.


  • Facing a tax problem, such as filing back taxes, paying off a tax debt, or fighting an IRS audit.


  • Our Clients - Business Owners; Entrepreneurs; Investors; Owners of Real Estate; Estates and Trusts; Located throughout the United States and abroad;  YOU!

Accounting & Assurance


Our services in this area include financial statement preparation that may either be an audit, review or compilation. We have been successfully peer reviewed for the past 40 years by the AICPA.



We are active long before the end of the tax year, advising you on how to structure your finances in a tax-efficient way.

Our tax preparation and advisory services provide you with a team of seasoned professionals. Our goal is to save you tax dollars along with reducing the anxiety created by the entire process.

IRS Practice & Procedure


Federal and state reviews of tax returns are increasing, you or your organization face a higher risk of examination.


We can help!



We understand and provide top notch personalized service to entrepreneurs of all size businesses!


We can answer your questions before they become a problem!

Estates and Trusts

Our tax professionals can assist you and your family through the process of tax preparation and effective strategies for Estate and Trust planning.



Bookkeeping is the starting point for all businesses. With good bookkeeping records, a business can prepare financial statements, tax returns, strategize, and implement ideas for the future. We can assist in this area from start to finish in order to allow busy business owners to focus on other parts of their business.

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American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
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Illinois CPA Society

New and growing businesses need effective financial advice in order to flourish. At Schuman, Simon & Grodecki, Ltd., we understand the challenges facing local businesses in today’s complex economy. Our team of professionals develops an intimate understanding of each enterprise we serve in order to provide advice and services tailored to each client’s needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur starting your first company, or an established business looking to reach the next level, our firm is here to provide the guidance and support you need to realize your goals. If you are interested in learning more about how Schuman Simon & Grodecki, Ltd. can be of service to you, please contact us today about scheduling an initial consultation.

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